Lobes Family

The spring weather here in Cincinnati has been more fickle than usual, but it was a perfect morning for the Lobes family session.  The sun was its beautiful early morning light, and the trees at Ault Park were in full bloom. 

Greta and Jeff are the kind of people whose warm personalities make you feel instantly comfortable and like you’re talking to an old friend.  As we walked around Ault park, their two-month-old dozed on and off, I gushed about Greta’s gorgeous dress, and we chatted about our love for coffee.  

One of my favorite parts of their session was getting to meet and capture their adorable two-year-old. Two-year-olds are curious and active little creatures, but they also love to be silly!  And they love it even more when an adult is being silly! Cue the fake, loud sneezes.  Gets the belly laughs every.single.time.  Their little man loves Elmo, so I made Elmo dance and “hide” which also got him laughing and made for some super cute smiles. His little blue glasses combined with his giggles was just too much! 

After their session, Greta messaged me and shared more of their two-year-old’s story. Their little man is quite the little warrior! I asked her if I could share a piece of his story, and she said, “We love sharing our story in hopes of helping or connecting with others!” Their son was born with Sturge Weber Syndrome and with that came a lot of unknowns. Greta and Jeff were told that he may never walk or talk. These photos are so much more than just photos. These photos are proof of him defying so many odds. They’re a celebration of just how far he’s come!

Greta and Jeff, you have a beautiful family full of so much love, joy, and tenderness! It was a gift to meet you, to know you and your son’s story, and to be able to share a piece of it here. Thank you for trusting me with your family memories.


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