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Family photos took on a whole new meaning after my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I started to see and understand photography as the gift it actually is--freezing cherished moments in time. 

A few years later after our daughter was born, I experienced some health issues. I remember wanting quality photos of my daughter and my family instead of just the quick snapshots on my iphone. Unfortunately, we have no professional photos documenting her fun and silly two-year-old personality. No quality prints to pass onto her when she’s older. Nothing tangible to remember that season of our lives. 

The following year when my health was managed, I did some soul searching. I felt prompted to choose a new career path, and my love for photography was rekindled. I sat at the kitchen table across from my husband and said, “I want to start my own photography business. I know I can make this work.” It was scary and exciting and a huge leap of faith. I poured myself into photography classes. Learned about camera settings, exposure, light, and posing. Made a website. Defined my photography style.  

Now seven years later, my mission remains the same: to help moms preserve the family moments that mean the most to them. 

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Schlottman Family

“She managed to perfectly capture my toddler's personality during my son's newborn session, and at the same time make everyone feel comfortable and confident.”