October 11, 2023


Mary Wietmarschen



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5 Tips for a Successful Newborn Session

1. Plan a super low key day the day BEFORE your session. An overstimulated baby is going to be overly tired and cranky, so hold off on the meet and greets or trips to the zoo the day before photos.

2. Don’t be shy about asking for help. Ask a family member or friend to help you prep your house. Those late nights and early morning feedings were not that long ago for me, so I do not expect your house to be perfect! But you will want to clear any clutter or distracting elements out of rooms we’ll be shooting in.

3. Borrow a dress from my client closet. Look and feel beautiful in one of my carefully selected dresses. All of my dresses are flowy and flattering postpartum and comfortable and cozy for your session. Not to mention that they photograph beautifully!

4. Treat yourself to getting your makeup done. It is one less thing you have to think about, and trust me when I say it is so relaxing and calming to wake up the morning of your shoot knowing all you have to do is take of the baby, and everything else is being taken care of!

5. Turn the heat up, feed the baby 30 minutes before I arrive, turn on a white noise machine. This makes it more likely for baby to be sleeping when I get there and stay sleeping for awhile during the shoot. If baby isn’t sleeping when I get there, don’t stress! I’ve got a plan, and we’ll tailor the session based on what the baby needs.


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